Birthdays and booze are a duo that you don’t wanna see break up. I mean, you gotta admit that you cried when Heart got disbanded, right? They were such a perfect mix! So, imagine a birthday party without booze. It’s an end of an era!

Like all duos, evolution is the key to keeping things exciting. Beer is like your best friend while Tequila or Vodka is like the party master. You can count on these guys to always be around when you go to a fiesta.

So how do we up the ante? Introduce new drinks to your party. Come up with a signature drink to pass around the crowd. It’s fresh, it’s new and it still got that kick you’ve been looking for.

How do you choose the right aperitif to serve your guests? How do you know that it’ll be a sure fan favorite?

Here are 5 tips for choosing the perfect signature drinks:


While most of the guests would prefer a classic, you can still win them over by handing them a neon colored drink as long as it looks decent and inviting. Sometimes it’s great to be experimental but in occasions like a birthday party, not everyone is an adventurous alcohol drinker so stick to the basics and try not to let the drink look too scary or intimidating to indulge in.


You don’t have to go all out molecular mixology on this just to be able to concoct something unique and interesting to impress your friends. When I say originality, it means the drink should reflect you. They take a sip and it makes sense. No need to garnish the drink with too much garb. Just understanding the connection between you and the mixed drink and seeing how it could be your signature drink makes it original.


While visual appeal may be very important, a cocktail is not all about just that. You may have achieved the look you were going for but make sure that you don’t lose the quality.

If you decide to serve just the signature drink and not give out the ever-reliable beer or any options from an open bar, make sure that the blend you serve for the visitors is something delicious enough to ready their taste buds for dinner. Plus, the flavors it has should make it the perfect tandem for any meal.


The signature drink served to guests is also the welcome drink that you hand to them when they arrive. That means the drink should be a no fuss-measure-pour-shake/stir-garnish-serve kind of drink. It has to be the kind that doesn’t keep a line of thirsty guests waiting for their drinks at the bar. No one wants their guests antsy so make sure that it is a stress-free drink to create.



You don’t have to be an ‘it’ girl like Carrie Bradshaw to be able to enjoy a nice cocktail. You need not have the sophistication of James Bond to be able to hold a martini even.

Cocktails have developed from the classy, simple drink to a fun, quirky experiment. Anybody, the brave and the-not-so-brave, can enjoy a nice brew. You have to make sure that the beverage you will be serving fits everybody’s tastes and should be flavorsome enough for them to go for another trip to the bar. Make the ratios of the mix adjustable for guests who want something stronger or milder.


Birthdays and booze sure are a duo you don’t wanna see break up but when handled improperly, birthdays and booze can be a lethal combo. So drink moderately.

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