Darkness has always been linked to something negative. However, there are some who love the mystery that twilight brings. Allhallows eve is a perfect time to romance the night. This time, do away from the orange and black Halloween colors or forget about blood and gore. That is because this holiday can be sophisticated too. Throw a hauntingly beautiful party where even the grown-ups can have the thrill of dressing up elaborately then slip into the blackness to be a part of the afterhours Halloween party.



Think Penny Dreadful and attend the revelry in your classiest yet somewhat sexy Victorian gothic threads. Meanwhile, the men would at the same time look so dandy in these fine fabric. Some can even strut in with a cane.

Let this be a gathering of the finely clad secret society attending an underground Halloween feast.



Just because we don’t want it to be gory doesn’t mean it has to be cheerful. A skull chandelier is as surreal as the underground goth party. Anyway, this strange light fixture can easily be spotted in Dracula’s fortress.
Also seen on the link are other ideas for Halloween lights that are not cliché and would still stay true to your stylishly malevolent theme.



There’s something sensual about a midnight spread. Imagine a menu of scrumptious dinner whetting the secret society’s appetite where each one of these beings just can’t wait to sink their teeth in these luscious and sinful treats.

Dare to walk the wee hours of this hungry ghost festival eve. You will most definitely have fun!

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