Ok. National Beer Day is over. We celebrate that on April 7 but with everything that beer has done for us, shouldn’t we be rejoicing it every day?

Beer has always been a part of us since the 1900s! It has become a staple drink in any type of event – toasting to another year of life, getting through another hectic day at work, heartbreaks or just relishing a satisfying bottle or two alone at home. It has always been our loyal companion. People and beer just happen to be the ultimate relationship.

While getting together and enjoying case after case can be the easiest way to enjoy this day, we can always evolve past that. Here are a few ways how:


You know why beer is the best? It’s unpretentious and can accommodate you in whatever mood you’re in. But no matter how laid back it can be, it can go well with pearls or bow tie. That is because beer has progressed. We no longer reduce it to having it with the usual pizza and beer. It can now be paired with any fancy dish and just like any special occasion, this might just be the perfect way to give beer an upscale treatment.

Organize brunch or dinner with the gang and carefully orchestrate your beer and fine dining menu.

Perhaps, a glass of wheat beer or Hefeweizen paired with sushi and lobster?

Maybe a platter of provolone, monterey jack or romano with pale ale?

Or a glass of rye beer paired with a vegetable salad.

You are the maestro so select your pairings well. Bottom line is, bottom’s up and enjoy this gastronomic delight!


Host a National Beer Day by serving beer from all parts of the world. What’s different about this is that you get to train your thirsty palate with a wide range of tipple and maybe even discover your new favorite drink. It could be a stout or a lager, as long as you surrender to the drink and enjoy the flavor!

So have a variety of these brews from Asia, Europe and America and invite your friends over. Set up stalls in the backyard for each country and serve them with nuts, wings or pâté and dips.


Here we are coming up with different ideas on how to enjoy beer, why not throw a beer party that has a poetry reading in the program? Just kidding.

Doing something new is refreshing but nothing beats the old school way of throwing a kegger! Admit it, just thinking about this kind of party charges you with excitement. This is the time to go back to being a teenager again! Round up the crew and what the heck, go and invite a few strangers even!