Serving cocktails, mocktails or beer for your Christmas party will be awesome but don’t forget to mull wine to make the night even more festive. It’s the perfect drink to serve during the holiday. It’s Christmas in a glass!

Drinking mulled wine has become a customary thing during winter. It has been around since the 2nd century and during the middle ages. It was believed to promote health and prevent illness. There are lots of versions of this winter warmer. Here are some recipes for you to try.


German’s favorite holiday drink is the glühwein. It literally means glowing wine. Poured to their tankard from the crock pot, the glowing wine is their best warming device during frosty evenings. It is a mix of red wine, spices that are in season, citrus and sweeteners. Sometimes they incorporate a shot of rum for good measure.

Glühwein recipe here.


Wine is sacred in the French regions. So when you serve them warm wine it just seems to be a slap in their faces. However, their classic mulled wine is a Christmas staple drink. Choose your favorite wine when you concoct your vin chaud. Some wines tend to be too bitter and unpalatable when warmed.

Vin Chaud recipe here.


Originally named glödgad vin which means glowing hot wine. However, it is more popularly called glogg. It is a mix of a potpourri of spices, red wine, port and brandy. They usually serve this drink après ski or après shoveling to help warm their bodies up.

Glogg recipe here.


This winter drink is originally from northern Europe but the vino caliente or hot spiced wine has been a Spanish tradition too. Add brandy for a hint of Spain and for the citrus flavor, use clementine and lemon for a change.

Vino Caliente recipe here.

What is your favorite mulled wine recipe? Or do you have any special winter warmer drinks to share?

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