Selecting the venue is one of the most important things to decide early on when planning a party. That is why coming up with a checklist for this is crucial to see to it that the guests will have fun, be comfortable and impressed at the same time.


Determining the number of guests is essential to make sure that the site you are looking at has the room capacity to fit the entire flock. See to it that it is not too cramped or too spacious but just right for everybody to mix and mingle.


Choosing a spot that is within a reasonable distance from everybody attending shows them that you are thoughtful enough to pick a place that they can go to without any hassles.

Always provide maps and directions.

For those who are traveling just to attend, make sure that they are well accommodated.


If the particular venue does not have a parking space enough for all guests to use, see to it that a nearby lot can be accessed by the attendees for the night.


Parties are not complete without serving your friends drinks or nosh to snack on. It is important that the party place has a kitchen where you can deal with your catering needs.


It is practical to choose a spot that costs lower than your budget so you can spend a little more for dressing up the place to create an ambiance.

There are more factors to consider and add to the event venue checklist. If you need help contact our party gurus or visit our website www.experienceeco.com