Long before Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, these winged creatures have always been a part of the Halloween folklore. There’s something malevolent about them especially when it was believed during the ancient times that witches or demons turn into these sinister fowls. Gore or monsters need not be used as home décor to make your house look spooky. Using these feathered fiends can definitely spook the space up. Here are creepy Halloween bird décor ideas to try.

  1. CROWS


Silhouettes of crows perched on top of anything already send an eerie vibe. Crows are social creatures. So make sure to use a murder of crows and place them anywhere at home that might make the abode seem more disturbing.



Ravens are a little larger than crows and are usually more solitary. They were believed to be used as spies which is why they have been taken under the witches’ wings as one of their evil minions. After all, weren’t they listed as unclean animals in the Old Testament?

  1. OWLS

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They were viewed as a symbol of destruction by the Aztecs. Meanwhile, some believed they were linked to evil magic. These nocturnal wonders are also mostly known as a symbol of wisdom. Let your Halloween owls hang out by the porch or at your door as your night watchers.



Why shouldn’t we use these ugly birds as a Halloween décor? They might not be a popular Halloween figure but they have always been associated with death. These giants have macabre written all over their bald heads. You see them hovering, you know something wicked is coming your way.

  1. BATS


Not entirely included in the bird kingdom but Halloween won’t be complete without these blood thirsty nocturnes. Dress your dwelling into bat caves or the underworld with these cool bat Halloween décor ideas.

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