When having a party, it is without a doubt that your guests will all have different musical tastes. However, you have to create the mood so everybody will easily warm up and have fun. Great music will charge the energy in the room so planning the list of songs you’d be playing for your event is crucial. You want visitors to have a grand time and half-assed swaying to lame tunes is just not going to cut it. You want to play something that will make it impossible for people to stay in their seats! When you are able to create the ultimate playlist that will make any jazz freak or metal head roll with the ditty in sexy grooves, then you’ve got one hell of a setlist! So how do we plan the perfect party playlist?


Everybody wants their joint to be rocking whenever they throw a shindig but you don’t start the fete with a Megadeth song. Those who aren’t into rock would find the atmosphere of the party too aggressive while those who are for it would begin the night body slamming into a mosh pit. It’s just either gonna wear everybody out or rile some of them up and the next thing you’d literally hear is the symphony of destruction.

You have to create a story. Begin with mood songs. Something light yet funky then gradually build it up. The beginning of the party is all about mixing and mingling. The soundtrack to that should be appropriate. Let the list of songs peak to its climax and end it however you want your story to end. Bottom line, your ‘blockbuster movie’ of a jamboree should be paired up with a best-selling playlist.


If you plan to have your party last for 4 hours, then the music should keep playing until the end and that no song will have to repeat itself. That is why it is also important that you don’t put it in shuffle mode to keep the sequence of the song consistent with the build-up of your party.


Toss a few classics into the mix. It is certain that your invitees will be coming from different generations. Give them a few rock anthems from the 70s-90s and old school Hip Hop and R&B. I assure you that everybody will be rocking out to the tunes and having the time of their lives.


Throw some cover songs from today’s artists. The younger generation will definitely appreciate it if they hear some sounds from their time that they can relate to. Aside from cover songs, it won’t hurt to throw in some Miley or Justin Beiber in there. Plus, don’t forget to add some of your favorites too.

Have fun creating your playlist. If it gives you the shakes or a natural high, then you are sure that it will also put goosebumps on your guests’ goosebumps. Let the music invade and conquer their souls that the only thing left for you to do is to turn it up and join in the fun!


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