Halloween is getting more and more popular that it could easily be the kids’ number one holiday. Could it be the ‘new’ Christmas? Trick or treating is what makes it exciting but it can also be a night that can transform into a scary event when parents of trick or treaters aren’t mindful. Check out some trick or treat safety tips before venturing out into the night.

We have recently sent a reminder with all the vital safety tips you can do before accompanying your kids to a night of trick or treating. You can view the infographic here.


Some kids get quite embarrassed when their parents tag along when they go around the neighborhood for some ghoulish fun. Remind them that they need to have a guardian until they are 12 years old. However, when they are old enough to go trick or treating with friends without you, instill in them the significance of the buddy system especially when they are going around the village in a big group. Knowing that they are hanging around with a group of friends puts the parents’ mind at ease. Inform them that none of them should be left alone. When one brave soul gets dared to explore a scary house, a buddy must agree to go with him/her.


After you’ve reminded them countless times about texting you their whereabouts or why they haven’t arrived home at the agreed hour, an app to track where they are will be your best friend.

There are lots of free apps you can download on your children’s phones. This will allow you to monitor them and see where they are currently located from their device to your own phone.


Educate your kids about what an offender is. Once they’ve mapped out their route, have them show you their route and double check if there is anybody in the area that has been registered as an offender. It is important that they veer away from that house. See to it that the houses they go knocking on to are homes of people you know and trust.

These are some helpful tips to use on Halloween. When you know you’ve carried out these safety rules properly, then everybody can have a grand time!

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