We have all become slaves of the time – clocking in day in and day out, wasting about 100 hours of commuting and for the average worker, devoting 90,000 hours of working. Today is one day of the year when we celebrate the worker bees in us by, well, not going to work!



Hey! Don’t get up! Relish this laze weekend with your family. Now’s your chance to catch up on some ZZZzzzzss, stretch your cuddle time with your loved ones and to keep your PJs on throughout the day!


Preparing a feast for friends and family has been a Labor Day tradition. Not only are we celebrating the holiday but we are also having a send off for the summer season.

This is the time you indulge in delicious eats while talking about what we love so much about summer.


As corporate slaves or as part of the working class, responsibility has been etched in our very being. Now that we are given the time off, you can abandon all responsibilities and drink with abandon.

So pop open that bottle of wine and unwind! Screw open that Vodka bottle cap and let loose! You deserve it.

How do you like to celebrate the Labor Day Weekend? Comment below.

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