Not everybody that comes to a party is there to get sloshed. Why not ready a mix that won’t spook some of these guests away and make your event a party for everybody! Now that is a trick that’ll be a treat for those staying clean. Here are a few healthy Halloween cocktails to try.


This Bloody Mary is bloody yummy! The powerful components that make up this drink are turmeric and black pepper which are believed to be anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and memory improving. That beats any side effect of any alcoholic drink.

Learn the mix here.


Man, is there anything darker than ‘the devil’? The name itself is so spine chilling that it seems impossible to turn it into something good! But we actually can! Find out how!


As addicted zombies are to brains, it’s no good since it is loaded with fats. Rather than using three kinds of rum to concoct this brew, we will use just a little bit of brandy mixed with fruit juices. That ought to transform it into a light zombie cocktail. Get the recipe here.


While this mocktail didn’t come from a cauldron, this potion will hypnotize the kids’ with its delicious spell.

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