No matter where you have the party, if you know how to be an awesome host, the turn out will always be superb! Although if you want the event to be even more unforgettable, having the shindig at a unique space will always do the trick. After all throwing parties at non-traditional places are getting more and more popular and it is now one of the hot party trends for 2018.

Here are more ideas for some new-fashioned party spaces where you can celebrate your next big get-together:


Show people that your parties are beyond the norm. Get your guests’ interests piqued with an event space where the walls tell lots of stories. Locate a shack with crumbling tenements but the beauty of it is still evident in its decay. Of course, you have to have a permit to use this place and when you have finalized the business side, get ready to set the dive in a party mood. This will be the party of the century and you will be the talk of the town.


Art galleries come with fine art mounted on walls so decorating the place for the party is unnecessary. The place is already beautiful and mysterious as it is. It is the perfect place for a social gathering, wine on hand and everybody just talking about a piece of art.


Vineyards have a rustic yet elegant feel to it. When you hear vineyard, you think posh yet laid back and lots of wine. This space can hold hundreds of guests and the lush green scenery is just the perfect backdrop for a perfect day of delicious food and fine wine.

Create a one of a kind experience for your guests by coming up with a unique and fun idea for an event venue. These are just some of the new-fashioned ideas that are a sure hit to the people. For more party planning ideas, visit our website