Wrapping up the season with one last hurrah filled with summer love and fun is the best way to spend your Labor Day weekend.

So why not throw a Popsicle Party with a grown-up spin to it? I’m talking about champagne popsicles, poptails or iced pops! Giving the old ice lolly party a boozy upgrade might just be the perfect way to end the season.

Set up that popsicle bar and prepare these exciting frozen treats!


These ice pops are addicting, you’ll be sucking on it until the next season ushers in.

Use summer favorites for the freshest flavors such as berries, peaches or watermelon which pair well with Prosecco.

See recipe here.


This ice pop may be too pretty to eat but floral infused lollies definitely give your popsicle party a whole new style.

See recipe here.


These frozen bites are healthy, simply delish and one that you just can’t get enough of.

Find out how to prep them here.


This icy goodness is a mix of summer favorites. It’s a poptail with a blend of flavors that will get you reaching out piece after piece.

Get the recipe here.

Do you have an exciting popsicle recipe you’d like to share? Comment below!