Birthday bashes are ultra-fun! When throwing one, the high we get from our guests’ cheeriness can be addicting. But the aftermath… brrrr.. Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. When the event is over and my satisfied yet pooped visitors are home and tucked in bed, an eerie quiet slowly pours inside of me. The dreaded time has arrived – clearing the place up! I, then, set aside my fear and go check the caliber of the event venue’s macabre. True enough, it was a scene out of a James Wan film. It seemed like there was some poltergeist action that went on – broken glasses, patches of throw up on the lawn, everything was out of place and thrown haphazardly across the floor. Just like any terrified person, I shut the door, walked away and prayed for a house exorcism. While my guests’ had fun at my shindig wonderland, this after party whirlwind of a mess is my horror story.

Fortunately, I have learned my lesson. That is why whenever I throw a get together, I have some tricks up my sleeves so the event clean-up session is stress-free. I’m sharing them here with you so you won’t have to go through the same horror I’ve been through.


Put garbage bags in trash bins and set these bins all over the party area. Inform everybody beforehand where to dispose their trash to let them know that leaving your trash lying around is a no-no. That way, when the party is over, there will be minimal trash to pick up.


Use plastic cups and plates to avoid having to wash piles and piles of dishes or even clutter your kitchen with used eating and serving utensils. All there is left to do with these are to recycle them when the event is over.


Wild parties and furniture don’t mix. The promise of wine stains all over the couch or carpet and broken vases are a few tequila shots away. When stains on rugs or sofas happen, rub lemon on the stain mark and let it stay there overnight. Wash it the following day. If these stains are stubborn, rub beer on the part with the stain instead.


Make sure that your kitchen is spotless before the party starts. Have all the dishes washed beforehand so the dishwasher is empty. Load it up with used dishes as the party progresses and go back to your guests and have fun!


The wisest thing I’ve done when inviting guests over is to set a designated party area. That way, you can avoid guests going to the different parts of the house. Cleaning the area will be easier since all the mess will be concentrated on just that spot.


Of course, the most stress-free choice is to hire pros in tidying the place up. Hosting an event is already difficult and leaving the place a mess to start working on it the next day can be more stressful. Hiring help will always be better than having to deal with the aftermath yourself.

Now that I have imparted some wisdom to you, the possibility of awakening the Amityville horror house is far from happening. But if you want the best post-party clean-up operation, experiencing Eco Events’ event clean-up services is what you should try. Visit our website.


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