There’s something enchanting and romantic about a pumpkin. Putting aside the fact that it has always been linked to Halloween, it also reminds us of Cinderella. There’s the magical quality of how an ordinary vegetable can be transformed into something divine. You don’t need a fairy godmother to do that. Go harvest that pumpkin and convert it into a charming fall centerpiece for your next social gathering.

Here are a few lovely ideas for a beautiful fall tablescape:


Source: https://toneontoneantiques.blogspot.com/2015/09/fall-accents.html

While orange certainly brightens up the room, these white gourds bring a different kind of panache.

To put a certain kind of order to these veggies, we usually put them in baskets and set them on the center of the table. However, instead of wired or wicker baskets, these pumpkins were framed by driftwood antlers. Just add candles and hydrangeas in the mix to fill in the blanks and you’ve got one stylish table.


Source: https://www.simplyhappenstance.com/pumpkin-succulent-harvest-decoration/

It’s fresh, rustic and it adds a cozy feel to your get together. But aesthetic appeal aside, creating this project for your display is pretty easy. Pumpkin vases aren’t totally new but there’s no need to cut into the pumpkin and fish out half of its content for a proper holder. Click the source to find out how it’s done.


Source https://www.weddingideasmag.com/pumpkin-wedding-decor/

The usual bold splash of an orange pumpkin is always a treat to the eye. However, muted palettes can be an eye candy and just as striking. Especially when chosen the perfect size. Paint them in subtler tones without losing the nature of the fall season.

Autumn’s staple vegetable doesn’t only work for Halloween pumpkin carvings. You can do something chic and elegant to a squash that can wow your guests’ dining experience. These ideas can go well on long tables or round ones, whether you’re hosting an intimate lunch with the girls or even a formal sit down dinner.

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