A QUICK GUIDE TO APPETIZER: The Foreplay to a Great Fête


It all starts with an attraction.

We all know that when you serve a meal, it has to look all kinds of yum because we eat with our eyes first. The appetizer is the foreplay of the meal. It sets the tone of what else is to come. Offer enticing foretastes that will really get your dinner guests’ mood on. An exciting culinary experience will seduce their senses. Plus, it will also be a great conversation piece around the table. As what Isabelle Allende said in her book, APHRODITE: Memoir of the Senses, ‘Great conversation is sex for the soul’.  If that were true, then a delectable canapé will be the bang of their lives and that dinner party will never be forgotten.

I have rounded up a list of luscious first courses that will undoubtedly amuse one’s bouche and will leave people wanting for more.


It’s cocktail hour! Time to blend with the guests with a drink in hand and the quest to search for that perfect bite!

Deviled Eggs

The origin of deviled eggs is traced way back to ancient Rome. They were served during gustatio or what was known as the first course for the upper class.

Okay okay, deviled eggs may be the most traditional starters you can serve and the list of recipes for it is endless but, what can I say, this devil’s a real charmer; a crowd favorite that never fails to tickle the palate. You can go crazy or you can serve traditional recipes but one thing’s for sure, you won’t go wrong passing an army of deviled eggs trays among the pack.


If you are looking to impress your guests, serving Gravlax would really hit the wow factor on a high note. What’s even more awesome is that this little treat is easy to make! This Nordic dish of dill-infused cured salmon seems so luxurious that guests will think you hired a chef to make this for the bash.


There’s something so elegant about afternoon tea parties. Luxe china and silverware doesn’t exactly spell a casual hang. So it is only right that the array of deliciousness that will be served should also have that same level sophistication.

Shrimps in Cucumber Cups

Who doesn’t love a good shrimp cocktail? These mouthwatering crustaceans are a party staple but it can easily be the least favorite when not cooked properly. You can serve them hot or cold or on a platter but they should be juicy, tender and quivering. If cooked to perfection, that’s one bite that people will never get enough of.

Tea Sandwiches

Delicate finger sandwiches are a tearoom staple. Cucumber sandwich is the quintessential tea sandwich but there are countless, creative ways to serve this fancy finger food. There are lots of combinations of spreads and fillings that will drive your tea party to the top. Just make sure that the crusts have been removed, be particular about their sizes and always keep in mind that the tea sandwich is what makes the traditional English afternoon tea party. So, do it right.


I love dinner parties. Sharing the night with your friends is a night filled with fun, laughter and love. How else do we celebrate love and friendship? Thru good food of course.

So for starters, here are some palatable starters that will surely show your friends a lot of love.

Crispy Prosciutto Cups with Goat Cheese and Figs

This elegant piece of hors d’oeuvre consists of 4 ingredients only so making it is a breeze. You can bake the prosciutto in a muffin tin a day before then top it with the rest of the ingredients right before serving. It is stress-free, flavorful and a sure winner.


You can serve it raw, grilled, baked, deep fried or what have you and it’ll be D to the LISH! Oysters are one of the most popular subjects for appetizers because this bivalve is guaranteed to bring your guests to gastronomy heaven. It’s in the level of caviar and truffles so indulging in its succulence makes you feel superior. What’s even better is that it is known for its natural aphrodisiac components. *wink, wink*

When you begin the night serving your visitors with sexy eats that are oozing with goodness, it shows them that you really went all out just to satisfy them. Sure enough, yours is the party everybody wants to be in.

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