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Our Services

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Eco Events is here to pair you with the perfect team to make your next event one to remember. Let us consolidate your event planning experience through our expert service. We can help you cover every aspect of your event. Take a look at some of the different positions we can fill and manage for you.

Booking Process

The process for requesting staff begins when you complete a staffing request. A Project Manager will review the request and search our database to assemble the right team for the event. A quote is emailed to you for approval. Once approved and payment is submitted, your team is scheduled and dispatched to the event location.

Service Solutions

• Waiter Service
• Table & Chair, Breakdown & Setup
• Buffett Table Curation
• Bartender Support
• Event Cleanup

Staffing Solutions

• Wait staff
• Bar-Backs
• Brand Ambassadors
• Event Coordinators
• Event Managers
• General Event Support

Events We Service

• Weddings
• Dinner parties
• Birthday parties
• Grand openings
• Festivals

Our Clients

• Event Planners
• Banquet Halls
• Event Spaces
• Restaurants
• Catering Companies
• Production Companies


All of our Bundles offer full event support from setup to breakdown. These bundles include the setup of tables and chairs, minor food and beverage prep, the servicing of guest during the event and the breakdown and cleanup upon conclusion. Each bundle includes the option of a coordinated dress code or uniform.


Team of 2-4 staff members, perfect for events with 50-100 guest.


Team of 4-6 staff members, perfect for events with guest of 100-150 guest.


Team of 8-12 members, perfect for events with guest of 150 (+) guest.

Pricing: Hourly, daily and weekend rates available. Pricing based on availability. Subject to change. Best rates available for a request made at least 14 days in advance. Event space subject to approval.

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Communication Without Eco Events

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Communication With Eco Events

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Requesting Staff is a 3-Step Process

Step 1. Build Your Team


Step 2. Select a Dresscode


Step 3. Select Services

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