It’s not uncommon for some homes to constantly have peers hanging around. Close friends would consider it their favorite spot probably because of the great company, awesome tunes and let’s face it, there’s gotta be beer. So why not set up your own backyard biergarten in time for Oktoberfest? The atmosphere would all the more be charged with the electric vibe of party.

There are simple ways you can do to turn your backyard into a biergarten.


Aside from the tasty grub such as sausages, sauerkraut or pretzels, there’s gotta be beer, of course! Not just any beer. To feel the festivities happening in the countless beer tents lined up in the streets of Munich, you have to serve German beers!

Schedule a beer tasting and select a few bottles you would want to serve to your pals.


Setting up the place is another important factor. There should be picnic tables and chairs propped under a shade or a patio umbrella.


It doesn’t have to be a boot. Just a good sized beer mug would be the key to really get the festivities rolling.


Complete the festival with awesome tunes. Do some research on a few folk music that usually play during Oktoberfest. Create a playlist that you can play on loop during a whole night of swigging.

When all these have been done, there’s nothing left to do but to prepare your beer bellies for a series of serious toasting! Prost!

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