The first Sunday after Labor Day is a day dedicated to our beloved grandparents.

Grandparents Day is the perfect time to arrange a family reunion and celebrate wisdom and love. More importantly, this is the moment for all of us to be grateful for everything our grandparents have ever done.

So how else can we make them feel special aside from the usual greeting card or eating out?


A great activity for this type of party is putting a spotlight on the root of your family who, of course, are the grandparents.

Place a big tree illustration on the wall and prepare clues who the members of the family tree for each tree branch. Have the kids guess who the answer and let them put the name on that particular spot. The grandparents will also be a part of it by sharing anecdotes or memories of each family member.


Let the guests of honor relive their younger days. If your grandparents met and fell in love in the 50s, have a 50s theme party. Get everybody to dress up in retro garb and play 50s tunes from rockabilly to bebop.

Prepare a video of you guys role playing the story of the time when your grandparents got together and started a family – something light, funny and heartwarming.


Apart from the whole array of dishes you have prepared, the star of the meal should be grandma’s recipe. It could be a family favorite or grandpa’s favorite dish. The best way to serve it is when you cook that heirloom recipe together.

These are just a few ideas that could surely make your grandparents happy. While a card definitely puts a smile on their faces, making grandparents party an annual tradition might just be better.

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