There are tons of things that are difficult to get over. One of them is a hangover.

There you are arriving at a party with some college buddies you haven’t seen for a very long time and nostalgia hits you hard. What do you do? For some reason, you forget all responsibility and drink with abandon. Throw all self-respect out the window and let loose! Except that you have also completely forgotten about the morning after. True enough, you wake up with a savage hangover.

Should we follow Anthony Bourdain’s cure for a hangover – a couple of aspirin, a nice cold glass of Coke and a plate of spicy, greasy fried food to munch on? He was pretty spot on with the aspirin but not everyone can feel better with his hangover ritual.

Here are a few natural ways to ease your pain.


First order of business is to drink a lot of water the morning after a night of boozing. Alcohol is a diuretic which means that the more you consume, the more you need to go to the loo. You have to replace all the fluids you released the night before to prevent dehydration.

Too late! Dehydration has already begun.

Headaches are caused by dehydration. Our body is made up of 60% water and when you release a lot of fluids, the brain can shrink temporarily from fluid loss and when that happens, say hello to the elixir of life aka the water and go get revitalized.


Just like Bourdain’s hangover cure, people also result in greasy food the morning after. But let’s debunk this myth. This popular knowledge should be done BEFORE a wild party. The oil from the food you intake will line up the intestines which will take time for the alcohol to be absorbed by the body. Taking it as a cure won’t be a great idea because fried and greasy food can aggravate your tummy which might make you sicker. Instead of rehydrating, you’d be throwing up and going to the john more than you want to which means that you are only losing more fluids.

Still, you need to fill up on food but take it in small portions to keep your stomach from getting more upset. Snack on healthy eats that are high in electrolytes and probiotics. Potassium and magnesium-rich foods are your best grub to grab. Food rich in thiamin such as eggs works the best because sustenance that is high in thiamin gives your liver the chance to do its job which is to metabolize the alcohol.


Sleep is the best remedy. It is the only way you can truly recharge and let your body heal itself. Let’s face it, just getting off the bed to go to the bathroom is already a difficult task, right? So reporting for work the day you are nursing a hangover only spells disaster. Sleeping it off gives your liver the opportunity to break down the poison you took in the night before.

These are really what you need to feel better. I won’t be giving you some ‘out there’ tips such as drinking a cup of milk thistle or kombucha or what have you to get over your ailment. Who has time to go look for these things when all you can think about is the throbbing pain in your head? Hydrate, eat and sleep. It’s that easy.

We are your party gurus so it is only right that we provide tips to help you in everything you need to know about parties and anything related to it! This includes after party matters such as a hangover remedy. But other than that, enjoy the festivity and live the experience!

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