I don’t think I have ever met anybody who dislikes parties. Just the word itself makes people’s eyes light up. The thought of getting glammed up and hanging out with your best buddies or mingling with fresh faces makes you feel like you’re young again and having some sort of first date jitters.

But there will always be that event where it was just blah – the food was bland, the servers lacked training, the music blows and the host could possibly not be seeing any of the guests again.

Here’s a compilation of stories from people sharing their worst party experiences:

From Blackdragon8577

I had a friend from high school invite me and three other friends over for what he described as a “party”. We thought that it might be a small gamer party with some nerdy board games or something as there were only the three of us plus him and his wife.

His wife then proceeds to start an hour and a half presentation about Arbon and tries to sell female beauty products to a group of males between the ages of 19 and 22. I was astounded.

TL;DR – Friend invited a group of males to a party to try to sell us feminine beauty products and make us consultants.

From j4p4n

I was working at a crappy company a long time ago in December, and we found out suddenly that our whole division was getting laid off like literally days before it happened. So most of us knew it was happening a day before the Year End party which would be our last working day before the holidays and then we wouldn’t be coming back. So we are all bummed… so then our manager comes in with a Christmas cake. He was going to be laid off too. And he says ‘so at least we should have a cake to celebrate the season?’ So we all kind of agreed; with broken spirits. But he didn’t have plates or spoons or knives or even napkins. So we all literally just had to scoop out a bit of cake with our hands, and just eat it. All the while, a cloud of sadness hanging over us. Was quite depressing.

From GetHisWallet

Had a surprise party where the guest of honor never showed up. The key step of making sure he is driven there at the appropriate time was not covered. His wife just assumed he’d be home at a certain time from a business dinner. Also, at the appropriated time, she had us waiting and hiding in the dark for close to a half hour before people just got pissed and started going home.

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