You might be known to your friends as quite the queen of throwing parties just by frequently having company over, having a wonderful time hanging, sharing great food and enjoying a bottle of your favorite tipple or maybe even organizing dance parties and handing booze all night.

However, when you just got engaged and if you want to impress them all the more at your party or rehearsal dinner, learn the art of setting a beautiful table for a formal dinner party. It’s classy, elegant and your friends might even want to host the next get together just to emulate your upscale dinner bash.

There are rules to be followed such as the placing of the cutlery, glasses and plates. Read on to know more.

Imagine the informal place setting and just add more utensils in the order of the menu which is the “outside in” order.

As a general rule, all the knives are placed with the cutting edge facing the plate.

Bread Plate – The bread or butter plates sit at the left side above the dinner plate.

Butter Knife – This is placed diagonally on top of the butter plate with its handle toward the guest.

Cake Fork and Spoon – These are placed horizontally above the dinner plate.

Water Goblet – The water glass is placed above the dinner knife followed by the champagne goblet, red wine glass, white wine glass and sherry glass.

Napkin – The napkin may be placed to the left of the forks or above the plate. If the tablespace is small, it can be placed under the forks.

Salad Fork – Since the salad is served before the entrée, the salad fork is the first in the line of forks at the left side of the dinner plate.

Dinner Fork – The dinner fork is also called the place fork and it is the largest among all the other forks. This is placed on the left side of the dinner plate.

Dessert Fork – This fork has three tines and it is used for other dessert dishes.

Salad Plate – This plate is smaller than the serving plate and it is placed on top of the serving plate.

Service Plate – This is placed at the center of the place setting and it is used for entrée.

Salad Knife – Placed next to the dinner plate followed by the dinner knife.

Meat Knife – Used for entrée and it is placed between the salad knife and fish knife.

Fish Knife – Has a different shape among other knives and it is placed on the right side of the dinner knife.

Dinner Spoon – The dinner spoon is optional but when it is included in the place setting, it is placed right after the rows of knives.

Soup Spoon – This is also called the fruit spoon and it is placed at the outer right among the other cutlery since soup is usually served first.

Seafood Fork – This is the only fork placed with the knives and spoons. This is usually included in the place setting when the dinner serves shellfish.

Master this art and enjoy your formal banquet. Tell us all about it. We’d love to hear all about your grand feast.


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