Throwing a party for 6 or for the whole village requires the same amount of commitment and hard work. No matter the size of the event, party planning is not an easy task.

Here are party planning tips to guide you in organizing a successful fete:


Whether throwing a small gathering or a major event, determining the budget before anything else is important. It is the guide that will help you adjust in any decisions to make for the party; from venue to the number of guests to the food that will be served. Knowing the budget sets a realistic idea of what to spend.


When deciding on who to invite, apply the 80-20 rule. 80% of the invitees will show up so add 20% more to your list.

The guest list is different from the RSVP list. This list confirms the headcount and whether they are bringing their plus 1s or if some of the guests have specific requests. So make sure to have this information handy to ensure the success of your affair.


Throwing themed parties are ultra-fun. It gives the visitors something to look forward to, a chance to be creative when coming in costumes and it makes the evening more special. Apart from that, a particular motif will give you a more uniform choice when it comes to what kind of food to serve, what music to play and what decorations to display.


Aside from the celebrant, the food is the star of the evening. A well thought out menu is crucial because serving mediocre dishes could just be the downfall of the whole night. These people are coming in your home hungry and expecting a moveable feast. Give in to their expectations and satisfy their curious palates and empty tummies.


Asking assistance from professionals could just be the smartest thing you will be making for the night. Hosting an event is a full-time job. Having somebody run the whole fiesta will help you focus more on the guests. Aside from making sure the whole place doesn’t go down, these pros can be a huge lifesaver at the after party when they offer clean up service.

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