Here’s how you can celebrate the spring season!

You see, the end of winter creates quite a stir among us. Everybody’s antsy to party. The backyard shindigs with family and friends have been put on hold long enough and the coming of spring is already a great reason to celebrate.

Spring brings new beginnings – spring showers, Vernal equinox and the blooming of nature. It is the time when winter’s drab and gray backdrop is slowly being peeled off by the birth of another season. So how do we celebrate colors, nature and the promise of a warmer weather? Party it up alfresco style!

Lemonade Party

Who says Lemonade parties can only be done during the summer? This is one cool way to enjoy an outdoor party for everybody.

Serve delicious off the grill eats and fresh lemonade from a whimsical lemonade stand. Maybe even transform the lemonade stand into a photo booth for awesome snaps from the party.


Another great way to enjoy the warmer season is to throw a pool party! If you have a pool, awesome! If not, get an inflatable one! Have the kids make their own popsicles and get those water guns ready for some serious battle! Plan other low key games for kids and adults and just let everybody have a blast!

Celebrate Nature

Flowers, bees and trees are a big part of the spring season so it is just right that we throw garden related theme party. It could be anything from tree planting, to flower theme party or maybe have the kids dress up like butterflies or ladybugs.

Throw a festive gathering with the people you love and serve fresh flavorful food. It is the perfect time to come together and have fun. After all, to celebrate spring is to celebrate life.

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